Review: Funny Movie Maker - Replace Your Face is short on features

Expect to pay to unlock more features with this fun app.

Funny Movie Maker - Replace Your Face lets you create funny videos by replacing or adding your own mouth and voice to pictures. The app was put on this earth to entertain and it succeeds; however, you're limited to only three pictures and certain features in the free version. To unlock the other faces and features, you'll have to pay.

Funny Movie Maker opens with three unlocked faces: a blonde who is missing a face, a strawberry with eyes, and a picture of Benjamin Franklin. Like we mentioned earlier, if you want to use another template, you'll have to pony up the change to unlock the images. Luckily, though, you can add your own pictures by snapping a new picture or pulling one from your Camera Roll. We selected the picture of the blonde and, using the scissors tool, cut out a circle where her blurred face was. We tried to add music from our iTunes library and special effects, but were told that we'd have to pay to get those features. So, without anything else to add, we tapped the check mark. From there, the app tapped into our iPhone's video capability and our face appeared in the circle we cut out earlier. After making a few funny faces, we previewed our masterpiece. We're probably not ready for an open mic night at the comedy club, but the final result was pretty funny. If you like what you see, you can choose to save the photo, upload it to YouTube or Facebook, or send it to a friend via e-mail.

Funny Movie Maker - Replace Your Face is a fun app, but we just wish it offered more features in the free version. Still, we recommend it for anyone looking for a silly app to entertain friends.

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