Review: View disk space, manage mounted volumes with FreeSpace Tab for Mac

Check available and used drive space quickly from the menu bar, using FreeSpace Tab for Mac.

As a basic snapshot of available and used disk space, FreeSpace Tab for Mac works well and easily integrates into the Mac operating system.

Once initiated through the applications folder, FreeSpace Tab for Mac starts, but has no menu to speak of. The application installs a small icon on the Mac's top menu bar. Clicking on this brings up a drop-down listing of all available drives. A bar also visually represents the space used and what remains. This is clear and easy to read, and most Mac users will have no problem finding their way. Outside drives can also be ejected by clicking a menu option, which is a welcome feature. Users can apply a small lock icon to exclude any mounted volume from the Eject All option. The drives on which the program was tested displayed accurate usage readings. Although most won't need it, there is a rather small FAQ section available on the developer's Web site.

For those looking for an easy-to-use program for quickly viewing available drive space, FreeSpace Tab for Mac would be a useful addition to their Macs.

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