Review: Control backups with FileFort Free Mac Backup Software for Mac

Manage backup folders and files using FileFort Free Mac Backup Software for Mac.

The lack of options in native backup utilities means some Mac users may look to outside programs for more features. FileFort Free Mac Backup Software for Mac adds flexibility to backups, as well as some useful options, and would be a helpful utility for many users.

FileFort Free Mac Backup Software for Mac is free, but it attempts to install other programs from the developer, including an Internet tool bar, during setup. There were no problems during download, but the user must accept a lengthy licensing agreement to operate the program. User instructions were not obviously available, but there is a setup wizard that helps walk the user through the backup process. The program's menu has basic graphics but is displayed well with buttons for the major features, including new backups, selecting files, and deleting backups, among several others. It is easy to select categories of files, such as music or specific file extensions, which is a nice, advanced feature. Users can also manually select the location for the backup, whether in a cloud service or a separate drive. During testing, initiating quick backups worked well and created the appropriate files for later use.

For those looking for additional backup options over Time Machine or other programs, FileFort Free Mac Backup Software for Mac would be a useful option.

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