Review: DateStamp Batch Stamper for Mac stamps photos, automatically

Insert dates on images automatically using DateStamp Batch Stamper for Mac.

DateStamp Batch Stamper for Mac is an easy-to-use application that does exactly what its name implies and allows you to insert date stamps on multiple image files at one time. It performs this function adequately, but the installation process is a negative, as is the lack of user guidance.

Even though DateStamp Batch Stamper for Mac downloaded quickly, it lacked an installer, which made setting up the application problematic. Users have to manually open the folder and double-click a Java program, which opens the application directly. To fully install the program, it must be dragged into the Applications folder. The program lacked user tutorials or instructions. The application's interface and main menu appear dated, with no graphics or clearly labeled buttons identifying features. Basic buttons allow for adding and removing of files. The program has few options, but the location of the stamp can be changed. During testing, the program accurately read the metadata from the images and stamped the date when they were taken. The lack of additional features means that users who already have date stamps from their cameras would have no reason to use the program.

For users who need a quick way to insert time stamps on their images, DateStamp Batch Stamper gets the job done but not in the most user-friendly way.

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