Review: Convert image files using Adobe DNG Converter for Mac

Change raw photo files to a more universal format using Adobe DNG Converter for Mac.

Despite its poorly designed interface and lack of additional features, Adobe DNG Converter for Mac converts image files well, but will not likely appeal to average users who do not work with large numbers of image files.

Adobe DNG Converter for Mac is a free utility that enables photographers to convert the digitally unprocessed image files from many known mid-range and professional digital cameras to a more universal format such as Digital Negative. Download and installation completed quickly, but the application's size of nearly 500MB is overly large for its type. There were no user instructions, but those familiar with file converting software will not have trouble interpreting the interface. The program started up for the first time without any problems or user interactions required. The main menu, itself, lacks any attractive graphics, but functions well. Users can manually select a folder containing the images for conversion, as well as the output location. The program has few options, but the user can modify preview images, as well as the compression size. Fortunately, the default settings will likely be adequate for most users. The conversion, itself, took place quickly during testing with no issues with the resulting files.

For those users who need a way to convert large batches of photo files into a universal format, Adobe DNG Converter for Mac may not look like much, but it performs well.

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