Review: Manage event content with T. Rowe Price Events

Stay organized during meetings with T. Rowe Price Events.

Those users involved in the financial industry will appreciate anything that can make meetings and presentations easier to deal with. T. Rowe Price Events is a specialized tool specifically designed to assist T. Rowe Price associates with time management during presentations and meetings. Because of its uncomplicated, yet fully-featured nature, this application is perfect for busy T. Rowe Price representatives.

For a fairly straightforward and basic application T. Rowe Price Events is quite large in size. The user interface is very well thought out. It features a main menu that includes all the main tools that can be accessed through clearly labeled icons. These tools include a personal agenda, a briefcase to store documents, a note-taking tool, and various presentation tools. This application is mostly intended for use during large conferences or presentations. Various forms of media including images and videos may also be transmitted and displayed directly to the mobile device during presentations, which gives the application a highly interactive element.

Even though T. Rowe Price Events is intended for large conferences, representatives will find it useful even as an everyday tool. It is a great go-to application full of useful features. This app is recommended to anyone who is a T. Rowe Price financial professional.

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