Review: Draw amazing pictures with Sketch Pad + Drawing Pad HD

Use your Android device to create fantastic images with Sketch Pad + Drawing Pad HD.

Sketching using the touch screen of a mobile device can never yield the quality you are able to get with a pencil and paper; but it can surely be fun! If you like to sketch on the go, try Sketch Pad + Drawing Pad HD. With this fully-featured drawing application users will quickly find out that they are only limited by their skills and creativity.

For a program of this caliber Sketch Pad + Drawing Pad HD is not terribly big at 9MB. The user interface offers a very elegant design. Aside from a small strip at the top of the screen that is devoted to advertising, the entire screen area may be used for drawing. To access menus, the user just presses anywhere on the screen. Seventeen different brushes are provided for optimum coverage and brush size can be adjusted as well. The overall canvas size can be adjusted to suit the user's demands. Some interesting functions include the use of the volume rocker to undo brushstrokes and the ability to clear the canvas by shaking the device. The latter is reminiscent of an Etch-a-Sketch. Finished artwork can be shared via virtually any social networking site.

Sketch Pad + Drawing Pad HD is a feature-filled and fun program that allows the user to fully express their creativity on a mobile device. It is suitable for both children and adults who like to sketch.

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