Review: Balance your checkbook using Simple Checkbook Ledger Free

Use your mobile device to manage your bank account with Simple Checkbook Ledger Free.

Simple Checkbook Ledger Free provides the experience of managing funds with a ledger to those users who miss that method by offering a virtual copy of the old-style, paper checkbook register.

The installation of Simple Checkbook Ledger Free goes quite easy. Once the small application has been downloaded, the user follows a step by step procedure, entering in all the accounts they wish to create a ledger for. After the initial registration the app works just like the original. Columns are provided for the check number, date, description, and the amount. With the click of a button the ledger automatically balances. The ledger can also be exported as a spreadsheet so it can be printed or e-mailed as an attachment. Another great feature is the password protection to keep your financial information private.

Simple Checkbook Ledger Free seems to be perfect for those individuals who crave the old checkbook register. It has all of the usefulness without the potential for mistakes, or the lack of security.

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