Review: Send pictures to your local Walgreens using PicDrop - Scrapbooking Friend

Print your photos in about an hour using PicDrop - Scrapbooking Friend.

PicDrop - Scrapbooking Friend solves the photo printing problem by enabling users to wirelessly send pictures right to a local Walgreens to get processed. This is one application that scrapbooking users must have.

After a virtually instant download users will observe one of the most easy-to-navigate user interfaces. It features large, easy-to-read icons and a bright colorful scheme. There is a minor setup procedure that requires inputting some information regarding Dropbox, Facebook, and other Web sites that may be used in conjunction with this app. To get started using PicDrop - Scrapbooking Friend, the user must first select photographs that they wish to print. These photos can be selected either from the device or from various other locations. Facebook, Picasa, Google+, Flickr, and Instagram photographs can all be selected directly through the application, too. Once a group of photos have been selected they can then be sent to a local Walgreens to be processed. From start to finish the entire process takes about an hour. With this application users make one trip out to pick up the finished pictures.

PicDrop - Scrapbooking Friend makes professionally printing your favorite photographs easy. An easy-to-use interface and multiple sources make selecting the perfect pictures a headache-free experience. This application is recommended for all users who enjoy the printed version of their photographs.

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