Review: Turn your photos into a sketch with Pencil Camera

Add a drawing effect to your images using Pencil Camera.

Pencil Camera offers one basic effect and an easy-to-use interface. Some users may find this too rudimentary but there is something to be said about applications that simply work.

At just over 1KB Pencil Camera may be the lightest application ever. Being so small, this app downloads instantly and functions amazingly fast. The user interface is very intuitive and well designed so that even beginners will have no problem operating the application with zero instruction. The main menu allows the user a few basic functions. First the user needs to choose a photograph from the gallery or capture it with the camera. Once the image has been selected, the app automatically converts it to a colored pencil drawing. The final image is a vibrant and colorful representation of the original. Visible pencil marks enhance the image, artistically. Specific colors seem to be highlighted while others seem muted or washed out. The image can also be rotated to a desired angle. Additionally, Pencil Camera allows the user to share finished images via Facebook.

Pencil Camera is easy to use and highly stable. It is also light on the resources and free from excessive advertising. However, users who may be searching for an elaborate application that is jam-packed with features should look elsewhere.

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