Review: Play miniature golf in your free time with Mini Golf Games 3D

Use your mobile device to enjoy a round of golf with Mini Golf Games 3D.

While it attempts to deliver a high-quality golf simulation, Mini Golf Games 3D lacks the complete package to enable the user to fully enjoy it.

Even at a whopping 11MB, Mini Golf Games 3D loads fairly quickly. It is recommended that your device is connected to Wi-Fi in an effort to save data usage. The game's user interface is very intuitive. It includes a basic main menu that enables the user to pick a hole they wish to play. Eighteen holes are included in the game. The graphics include brilliant colors and 3D effects, but the animations seem choppy at times and the resolution is quite low. The overall physics of the game are very rudimentary and unrealistic. If you're truly a mini golf fan, chances are you'll get bored or frustrated easily with the inaccuracy. Another major downside of this game is the constant barrage of advertising. Pop-up advertisements occur following every hole and the user must decline the offer every time in order to move on.

While it may seem like a fun game to try out, most Android users will not be impressed with Mini Golf Games 3D. Annoying advertisements and lack of dynamics defeat the overall purpose of the game.

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