Review: Perfect your photos with Magic Effects Studio Camera

Add magic to your photos with this neat photo editor for Android devices.

This app inches so close to being the all-in-one photo app you need on Android. Sadly, it has some weird quirks and one glaring omission that make it just miss the mark. Magic Effects Studio Camera is still a solid editing app for your smartphone or tablet. If you like to shoot with your gadget, give it a shot.

One of the first things you might notice about this app is its layout. It's easier on the eyes than a lot of other Android apps, even though the ads it has often make some of the buttons disappear on smaller-screen phones. When you're actually editing, the layout gives you enough room to use all of the app's feature buttons. It even supports rule of thirds when you're cropping and resizing, too. In addition to those editing features, Magic Effects Studio Camera includes some neat filters and retouching effects that make your pictures look fantastic. The only downside is that the app can only edit pictures that are already on your gadget. You need to use another app if you want to take pictures and then edit them.

If you don't need your photo-editing app to do everything at once, this app will keep you happy. It outclasses many desktop photo editors when it comes to features. Magic Effects Studio Camera does everything you'd want with only a few annoying ads. You'll hardly even notice that they're there.

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