Review: Snap pictures on your Android gadget with Live Camera With Effects

Add cool filters to photos as you take them with Live Camera With Effects.

This cool app will let you create great, filtered photos, but has too many ads. If you can get through the inevitable swarm of them to get to the actual camera, you can take some decent shots with Live Camera With Effects.

Before you can get to the app's camera, you have to sift through not one, but two different ad agreements. You can opt out of them if you want. Even if you don't, Live Camera With Effects will slide ads all over your phone, including the browser and status bar. As for the actual camera, it doesn't take great photos without the filters. Your pictures will come out darker than if you took them with your phone's default camera. Once you start tinkering with the app's filters, you'll find the only truly redeeming quality of the app. There are about 20 of them and they all look wonderful. Sadly, you can't apply them to photos you already have on your phone. That's probably the last nail in this app's coffin.

It's bad enough that Live Camera With Effects slams you with ad after ad after ad. However, the fact that you can only use this app in specific circumstances makes it far less useful than other similar apps.

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