Review: Create magazine-style photos with InstaMag - Magazine Collage

Turn your smartphone's photos into a magazine layout using InstaMag - Magazine Collage.

This app gives you the chance to be the star of a magazine--a really poor magazine, but a magazine nonetheless! InstaMag - Magazine Collage automatically organizes a few of your pictures into a spread, but it looks terrible. You won't want to share anything this collage app makes.

This app is designed to present your photos as if they were in a magazine spread. InstaMag - Magazine Collage only supports collages with four photos-- you can't have more or less. You can't move where the photos sit on the digital page, either. In fact, the only thing you can change about the collage is what photos you use and the text that appears with them. The colors, borders, and everything else will always stay the same. If you add any photos shot in landscape mode, they'll get a bizarre border around them. You can't really edit the photos except to change the way they're framed in the app.

When it's easier to say what the app doesn't do than what it does, it's not a good sign. Sure enough, InstaMag - Magazine Collage is a major disappointment when it comes to presenting your photos. It only lets you show off a select few and it doesn't make them look any better than they already do on their own.

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