Review: Find the strangers in Hidden Objects Wilderness Free

Search through jungle pictures in this "Eye-Spy" game for Android.

Hidden Objects Wilderness FREE lets you find all sorts of silly things in a decent looking wilderness setting. It's a little too easy and rather unattractive, but it's fine if you're bored and just need a simple distraction.

When you first launch this app, you're hit with weird ads for other mobile games. It takes a few taps to get them to go away. The entire game has some of those unresponsive quirks, actually. Though the game promises "hauntingly beautiful" rainforest landscapes, they look like bad cardboard cutouts. The whole thing is incredibly cluttered unless you're playing on a big-screen phone or tablet. That makes it pretty easy to find the items you're looking for to solve the puzzle. In Hidden Objects Wilderness FREE, in the first two modes, the location of the items doesn't change much, killing the replay value. Since there are only a few levels in each mode, that means you'll be done with the game pretty quickly.

If you're not picky about what games waste your time on Android, this game is a fine diversion. However, Hidden Objects Wilderness FREE is too easy and unattractive to please most gamers. Give it to a kid who likes jungle animals, but don't expect to enjoy playing it along with them.

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