Review: Hi Contacts lets you manage your friends in an iPhone-style environment

Make your phone's contact list mirror the iPhone's with Hi Contacts.

Did you switch to Android and end up missing the iPhone's contacts app? Hi Contacts aims to give you the best of both worlds. It's nowhere near as smooth as the default app on Androids or iPhones, though. That lack of convenience will ruin it for most users.

The app is designed to look exactly like the contacts viewer on iPhones. It is a good double and even mimics the iPhone's contact cards seamlessly. It does add banner ads that get in the way big time, though. You can get rid of them for a fairly steep $4 payment. Whether you pay or not, Hi Contacts still often takes multiple taps to actually get you to your contacts. Instead of taking you directly to them, you have to tap the app's icon and then choose it in your app menu. Making it the default app gets rid of this, but it's still a bother if you don't. The app, itself, moves through your contacts quickly once you're inside of it, though.

It's weird to think of people going back to even less control once they switch over from iPhone to Android. However, if it's really important to you to make your Android look like an iPhone, use Hi Contacts. If you're looking for a better contacts list, look elsewhere.

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