Review: Add beautiful effects to your photos with Filter Mania

Put filters on all of your Facebook photos using Filter Mania.

Of the photo filtering apps on the Google Play store Filter Mania isn't bad by any means; it is just too filled with ads and doesn't do anything any differently from other similar apps.

This app slides ads all over your phone, including your status bar and browser. You can opt out of the ad agreement if you want, but you still have to watch out. The app requires that you log in through your Facebook account, which means you can add filters to any photo on your Facebook profile. If you want to take a picture inside of Filter Mania, you need another photo app. It has about 20 different filters that mostly deal with color effects and lighting. You can even filter complete strangers' photos if they've uploaded them. The app is riddled with somewhat funny typos that make the app seem somewhat amateurish.

As far as editing apps go, this one is a bit of deja vu. Filter Mania doesn't stand out in any way compared to other apps of its kind. If you already use one of this app's competitors, stick with it. It probably outclasses this app in more ways than one.

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