Review: Learn about video chat with FaceTime Zone

Read about Apple's trademark video chat app using FaceTime Zone.

Don't let this app trick you; it has very little to do with Apple's video-chat app. Instead, FaceTime Zone lets you read user information and documentation about FaceTime. It pays you for your trouble with pop-up ads and a junky, hilariously bad layout.

If you want to enter or exit this app, you have to click away from a pop-up ad first. Once you're inside, FaceTime Zone has three buttons that give you information about what FaceTime can do, complete with some stock video-chat photos and a goofy layout. Since you can't use FaceTime on Androids, most of the tips and tricks will be useless to you. Additionally, the app seems to have more documentation about the app's legal information than actual FaceTime tips.

This app is a prime case of the ol' bait-and-switch. FaceTime Zone cleverly makes you think you're about to have fun video chats with your friends. All you're really doing is lining the pockets of the developers, thanks to the app's micro-ads. Don't fall for it, and find another video-chat app, instead.

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