Review: Collage Creator lets you design praise-worthy collages

Combine multiple photos into a cool collage on your smartphone with Collage Creator.

Collage Creator lets you combine several of your photos into a cool, artistic collage to share on any social network. The only thing holding Collage Creator back from being a five-star app is how long it takes to get started.

The app tries to get you to log in to Facebook, but you don't have to give up any password to get to any of the app's main features. If you do log in with Facebook, you can snag photos from your profile to add to your collages. Collage Creator makes you tap through several different tutorials before you can start making your collages. To add even more pain to the startup process, you have to dodge a sketchy ad agreement, too. There are more than 40 different borders to slide your collages in, and they support a host of different styles. If you want to add Instagram-esque filters, you can do it to each photo, individually. You can't add borders to your collage, though. You can, however, share to multiple social networks right from the app.

Once you actually use the app, it's pound-for-pound as good as just about any other Android collage app. The problem is that it takes way too long to get to the app's cool features. If you can stomach the lengthy setup process and the frequent ads, Collage Creator is a nice app to have around.

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