Review: Make your friends pop up with Chat Heads

See pop-up notifications in any app when your friends message you using Chat Heads.

When Facebook Home debuted, most people yawned--until they saw the "Chat Heads" feature. This appropriately-named app adds them to your phone without taking the whole thing over the way Home would. Chat Heads brings this cool notification feature to any of the apps of your phone.

The app slides a "Chat Heads" section onto your accessibility menu that you have to turn on before you use it. It also tries to hit your phone with ads, but you can choose to decline that part of the app. Once you go through the longer setup process, Chat Heads shows up in any app you're using and only takes a few seconds to move you into the messaging app. It works seamlessly, but it does go away fairly quickly if you leave it unanswered. The app will sync with Facebook in addition to your texts, and is smart enough to know the difference and take you to the right app.

If you saw this neat feature and absolutely had to have it, now you can. You don't even need to have an advanced or custom phone the way you would with Facebook Home. Chat Heads works and works well, which makes it an interesting download for Facebook fans.

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