Review: Bill Reminder Free BillManager helps you track your payments

Set reminders and dates for all of your payments and bills using Bill Reminder Free BillManager.

If you're buried under a sea of bills, this app might help you dig yourself out. Bill Reminder Free BillManager will remind you when it's time to pay any bill you tell it to. It's nowhere near as helpful as a full budgeting app or even Google Calendar, but it does what it says on the box.

Bill Reminder Free BillManager lets you create multiple templates and bill reminders for days or months. Sadly, you can't set bill reminders to reoccur on the same day every month. You have to create them every single month, which seems pointless. You can view your bills in a few different list styles and export them to both HTML and CSV formats. You can't sync them with Google Calendar or a similar app, though. This app sports a widget so you can have reminders on your home screen, but it's completely static. It's a 3X3 widget, so you'll practically have to dedicate an entire screen to it. You can't customize it and tapping it doesn't do anything, either.

The same could mostly be said for this entire app. If you want to pull people away from Google Calendar, which offers reminders and more, you're going to have to at least outperform it. Since Bill Reminder Free BillManager doesn't, it's not going to be better for you than whatever calendar or budget-making app you already use on your phone.

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