Review: Deck out your phone with Beautiful Widgets Free

Make your own widgets and home screens with Beautiful Widgets Free.

Beautiful Widgets Free has stunning, useful widgets that all conform to a sleek theme. However, the app locks most of its useful settings and options behind a paywall. It's not too expensive, but you might prefer a free alternative.

The free app lets you preview slimmed-down versions of the app's 12 different widgets. These include weather, battery life, and other settings displays. They certainly live up to the beautiful name, but most of the options to adjust them to fit your phone require a $3 upgrade. If you don't pay up, you can't do much outside of changing where the widget lives and what temperature units it uses. If you use a weather widget, it doesn't even let you change the location, which means GPS has to be on for it to work. Since Beautiful Widgets Free will already drain your battery enough on its own, that's not helpful. On the flip side, if you tap the widget, you're treated to a menu with more details that is just as stylish as the widget, itself.

The all-in-one style of these widgets will be worth it to some, but not to others. If you're willing to pay the cost, you'll get some great widgets with tons of flexibility. However, you can find free apps with similarly stylish widgets for each individual setting that Beautiful Widgets Free offers. Take your pick if you'd rather save the cash and use those.

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