Review: Slim your video clips the easy way with Moo0 VideoMinimizer

Reduce your video clips to manageable size with this easy-to-use freeware.

Moo0 VideoMinimizer reduces the picture size or file size of video recordings with minimal quality reduction. Unlike the big downloads, this free tool is easy to learn and works fast. Moo0 VideoMinimizer 1.13 is compatible with Windows XP to 8.

Like many of Moo0's no-nonsense utilities we've tried, VideoMinimizer has a compact dialog-style user interface that includes the most frequently needed controls and options right up front, such as the Keep on Top and Notify when Finished check boxes. And, like other Moo0 tools, VideoMinimizer has many interface language options, though some are partial files. But frequent updates listed in the program's product information and support page include the regular addition of new and updated language files, and users are encouraged to submit translations. The small square-shaped layout is divided into a Drop Box and a field displaying the options and controls specific to any of the choices on the Method menu: by file size, screen size, or bit rate; with relative size options for each method. Under the File Size method, we could specify a maximum size in megabytes; Width x Height by Auto-Adjust, by Specific (i.e., upper bound) size, including custom sizes and an Android option; or by Relative Size by choosing a percentage, such as a 10 percent reduction. VideoMinimizer offers five output format options: Auto, AVI, FLV, MKV, and MP4; plus Quality level. Other options include test-conversions and CPU limiting.

We tried VideoMinimizer with several test clips. It did an excellent job, shrinking the clips substantially without compromising their playback quality. In fact, we haven't found a faster and easier way to reduce a video clip's file or picture size than Moo0 VideoMinimizer, and not for lack of trying!

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