Review: Take out the trash on boot or on demand with Moo0 Disk Cleaner

Clean your system on startup or any time with this safe and easy-to-use freeware.

Disk cleaners earn their keep by taking out the trash: deleting temporary files, clearing caches, emptying the Recycle Bin, and purging other space-hogging, system-slowing junk before it can accumulate into the data processing equivalent of clogged arteries. Moo0 Disk Cleaner 1.19 is fast, lightweight, and easy to use, and it can clean on boot or on demand. It targets those places where junk files accumulate, such as your browser, program caches, and Windows temporary and log files, though you can add custom targets and exclude any location from cleaning. In fact, you need to check each item's box to clean it, which helps eliminate one of the biggest issues with system cleaners; namely, the tendency of users to simply click "Select All" and run the tool like a lawnmower over their data, with predictable results. Moo0 Disk Cleaner is freeware that works in Windows XP to 8.

As soon as we opened Moo0 Disk Cleaner, the program scanned our system and began returning results in a compact user interface with an expandable list view, displaying column headings for Title, Size, and Found; the latter indicating both the number of files to be cleaned and their type. Unchecking a box labeled Show Only Related greatly expanded the offerings with a number of program caches as well as additional Windows data such as Prefetch and Memory Dump Files. Clicking Add Custom Target opened a tool for adding multiple targets at once, with a menu of cleaning options to apply and a Description field. This tool let us group together several programs for specific cleaning, such as all files with one extension, or only those files on a certain level. We could also set Disk Cleaner to run when our system booted.

We made our selection and pressed Clean Now. Disk Cleaner quickly processed our files and returned a brief report describing what was cleaned and what would be cleaned when we rebooted. We've found that cleaners that reboot often do a more thorough job than those that don't. Moo0 Disk Cleaner seems an ideal choice for a custom-configured cleaner that runs on startup or when you need it.

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