Review: Whiz Kid (Android) is a puzzle game that both parents & children can play

Enjoy playing easy, colorful, and entertaining puzzle games with your kids, with Whiz Kid (Android).

Whiz Kid (Android) is one of the few puzzle games, designed to be played between both parent and child, on the Android. This is great because some parents may be wary about handing an expensive mobile device over to a toddler.

The easy installation of Whiz Kid (Android) instantly allows the users to get right into action. A colorful main menu displays several different games that are included in the free version. Other levels are also available for purchase or by completing Facebook tasks. The different levels range from basic matching games to arithmetic. Parents will find this application useful for many years because the skill levels range so greatly. The app features nice and colorful graphics and the sound effects are good, too.

Any parent who might be looking for an application that allows them to play together with their children on a mobile device should consider Whiz Kid (Android). It has an easy-to-use interface and many different entertaining games. It will be challenging and fun for everyone involved.

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