Review: Add creative borders to photos with Wedding Photo Frames

Apply romantic borders to your images with Wedding Photo Frames.

Wedding Photo Frames is a highly specialized photo editing program with basically only two functions. It can add some basic photo retouching effects and can apply a frame around the photo that has a wedding theme. Even though the program is very basic, it functions perfectly and doesn't bother the user with a ton of advertising like most free applications.

The installation and setup for Wedding Photo Frames is very easy. It is a 7MB app, but the size is most likely due to the high quality images of the wedding frames. Over 60 frames are included in the software and they are all wedding or romantic themed. The user interface is very intuitive. It features a large display area and a slim menu that sits on the right of the screen. Users first need to select a photo from their library or take a picture with the camera. Once a picture has been selected, a frame must be selected to adorn the image. Image attributes such as color, brightness, hue, and contrast can be adjusted to clarify the image or add an artistic flair. The final image can then be saved or shared through social media platforms.

Wedding Photo Frames is recommended for users who are searching for a rudimentary application to create memorable wedding images. It is easy to use and gives users exactly what they want without the hassle of unnecessary features.

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