Review: VMware View for Android provides access to your desktop from anywhere

Control your Horizon View desktop with VMware View for Android.

VMware Horizon Suite offers to increase the security and productivity of Windows-based computers for business use. Users who have this software on their computer have a great option for remote desktop control. Using VMware View for Android, users can easily control their PC from any Android device. The app works great on a tablet but it will even work on a small phone screen.

The installation of VMware View for Android takes a little longer than most applications. It does require some setup and registration in order to connect to the PC for the first time. Following the setup, users will have no problems connecting with their PC. Connection speed has very little effect on the performance of this app, and the screen flows smoothly. All the functions of the PC are preserved on your mobile device and the user interface doesn't differ from your regular PC desktop. All the same files that are normally accessible on your PC are accessible on your mobile device, too. There is also a small hidden menu that can be deployed during use to exchange content between devices.

VMware View for Android intends to give VMware users access to their PC from anywhere, and it works well. It is stable and very professional in its design. At only five megabytes, this app takes up very little space on your mobile device and gives you great power at your fingertips.

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