Review: Speed Parking 3D turns parking your car into a fun game

Race against the clock and park a simulated car with Speed Parking 3D.

Unlike other driving simulators, Speed Parking 3D is unusual in that the player can only park the car.

At less than 10MB this is most likely the smallest driving simulator available. It features 3D graphics and fully-functional controls. Unfortunately all the controls are touch based and do not respond to tilting the device or shaking it. While Speed Parking 3D has cheesy graphics and generic background sound effects, it is still entertaining. It has very predictable, intuitive controls, yet they are slightly unrealistic. The game has obvious goals and the user requires no instructions to start playing. There's no driving around a track at high speed or racing against opponents--just parking a very average looking car under very average conditions. Now this may sound very boring, but in fact it is pretty entertaining. There is a stop clock that appears in the background while the user attempts to park the car. There are also some pretty challenging levels that require absolute precision.

Speed Parking 3D is rudimentary in its premise and scope but is still a fun and challenging game. It requires tons of skill at the higher levels but even a beginner will have no trouble playing it. Users looking for the ultimate, high-speed driving experience should skip this game and look elsewhere, though.

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