Review: Smart RAM Booster speeds up your Android device

Stop applications and free up memory on your Android gadget with Smart RAM Booster.

Smart RAM Booster increases the speed of Android devices through several functions. It can stop the functions of applications running in the background with a multifunction widget or through the applications' user interface. There is also a cache cleaner that seems to speed the device up.

Smart RAM Booster installs easily. The small size allows the app to download almost instantly and there are no advanced features or registration needed. The user interface is pretty basic but the advanced settings can be confusing. For users not familiar with this type of application, some of the options may need more thorough explanation. The advanced settings can also be confusing due to the large number of options for the widget. The widget can be overlaid so that it's always on top of other applications. It can also be placed in the background (on the home screen) or in the notification bar. Overall, this app is very stable and consumes very little resources. It also demonstrates a certain increase in the speed of the device.

There are not many applications that can honestly increase the performance of a device, but this app is one of them. While the increase in speed is very negligible, it is there nonetheless. Smart RAM Booster is recommended for those looking to get every last bit of speed from their device.

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