Review: Skyfire Web Browser enhances your Web-surfing experience

Explore the Internet and enjoy your favorite Web sites using Skyfire Web Browser 5.0.

Skyfire Web Browser 5.0 is superior in look and feel to some Android browsers but does not provide any significant features not found in the built-in browser.

Following a quick installation the first impression of Skyfire Web Browser 5.0 is very good. Users will notice the modern layout and the social media menu at the bottom of the screen. The problems arise, however, once the user truly compares it to the default browser or uses it for a long period of time. It does have all the basic features such as a bookmark list, offline browsing, and multitouch compatibility. The biggest problem with Skyfire, however, is that it doesn't have the ability to switch between Android and desktop versions of a Web page. Users are also unable to clear the browsing cache. These two features are used by most serious Android users and the omission of them diminishes the usefulness of the application.

While Skyfire Web Browser 5.0 is initially attractive, it offers very little in the form of substance. Several browsers are currently available that have features beyond the stock capability, and if a user is searching for a fast and light application, then they should just keep the original browser.

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