Review: Rage Face Photo animates your photos

Add cartoon faces to your pictures to create meme-style images with Rage Face Photo.

Rage Face Photo allows the user to apply cartoon faces over a photograph to achieve an entertaining result. With very little drawbacks, this app delivers a fun, high-quality application at no cost to the user.

The only drawback to this application seems to be its bloated size. At almost 18MB it could take awhile on slower connections. The installation beyond the download is quite fast. Rage Face Photo opens quickly and doesn't seem to use a lot of resources. Once the clean and intuitive UI is opened, the user needs to select a photo they wish to edit. This is done by taking a picture with the camera or selecting one from the gallery. The app then scans the image to detect a face. This app doesn't seem to be very good at facial recognition, though. If a face has not been found, the user can just manually add a rage face to the image. Once a face has been added the user is able to edit its size and orientation. The final product can then be saved or shared to social media.

Rage Face Photo offers a fun and creative way to enhance the feelings on a photograph. The ease of use and clever images make this app a top pick for most Android users, even if you do have to help it find an actual face.

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