Review: QR Code Reader is less effective than its competitors

Use your camera to scan and read matrix barcodes with QR Code Reader.

QR Code Reader is a basic application that allows the user to read QR codes and take action depending on the information stored in them. There are many good applications available that are capable of this function, but this one doesn't seem to be one of them.

Once QR Code Reader has been downloaded it opens quite sluggishly. On the Samsung Galaxy Nexus it took 15 seconds to open the application. For such a small application this delay seems unexplainable. The user interface features no controls. It simply displays a viewfinder window that must be lined up with the QR code. When the decoding process was attempted on several codes, the results were similar. This app took painfully long to translate the data. For most of the codes the device had to be held perfectly still for almost a minute before the code was processed. The biggest problem with this app is the fact that it doesn't work most of the time. Out of a dozen codes that were tested, only a few of them were eventually decoded.

While QR codes are a very good idea, this particular application is not good enough to be recommended. There are too many applications that offer the same service and function more perfectly. Unfortunately QR Code Reader is slow and doesn't work most of the time.

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