Review: Pencil Sketch Free is free of great features

Apply creative effects to your images with Pencil Sketch Free.

While Pencil Sketch Free is easy to use, it does lack some great features that its competitors have, and the final outcome leaves much to be desired.

The installation of Pencil Sketch Free takes only a few seconds and the program loads very quickly. The interface is very intuitive and well designed. Upon startup users are presented with the option of selecting an image from the gallery or taking a new photograph. When capturing a new photo, users will notice that the camera window does not have all the same features as the stock camera application. This is a huge shortfall given the great usability and features of the stock camera application. Flash control, exposure rate, and better focus might have contributed to a better final image. Once the image has been captured or selected, the user must then select the quality of the sketch that is to be created. This is done by adjusting the darkness of the pencil lines. Unfortunately the lines cannot be adjusted as dark as one would hope; therefore, most images appear washed out.

Unfortunately nobody will impress their friends with the pictures that Pencil Sketch Free creates as they tend to be very light regardless of the original image. With the vast amount of similar applications available on the market, it may be best to try something else.

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