Review: Notepad Plus lets users quickly jot down ideas on their device

Take notes on your Android smartphone with easy-to-use Notepad Plus.

Notepad Plus separates itself from the Web-connected memo apps pack not by adding a ton of features, but by barely offering any. While that may be a negative for some users, it's a dream for people who just need to quickly jot down ideas.

The app's layout cleverly mimics a yellow memo pad to make pen and pencil fans feel right at home. You can't change fonts or style, but you can create multiple notes and browse them with ease. The app technically works in both portrait and landscape modes, but landscape mode makes the layout behave bizarrely. Unlike other note-taking apps, Notepad Plus doesn't sync to the Web or offer any bookmarking features. The app doesn't even have a settings menu or a place to explore custom options. That simplicity will disappoint just as many people as it pleases.

Folks who don't want a note-taking app that does everything but sit up and beg can rejoice at how quickly Notepad Plus lets you take and browse notes. Fans of Evernote and its ilk will be fine skipping this and sticking with whatever feature-packed app currently strikes their fancy.

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