IQ Light 1.0 Review

Turn your phone's screen into a flashlight to find your way in the dark with IQ Light.

Flashlight apps are a must-have on just about any smartphone. That's why they tend to top the Google Play charts. You won't find IQ Light up high with them, though, and that's not just because it isn't in the Play Store. This app fails so soundly at doing what you need it to that it isn't even worth downloading.

This app isn't available from Google's official market, so you need a side-loader to install it. Instead of using your camera's flash to light up the dark, this app turns your screen bright white. It's not bad if you only have to see a foot or two in front of you. If you want more than that, you'll have to crank your phone's brightness way up, because this app doesn't do it for you. It won't stop your screen from locking itself or auto-dimming, either. As far as settings or added features, IQ Light doesn't offer any. It doesn't even have a working settings menu button. There are no ads in the app, except for one for the developer's site. Just like the app, that link didn't work during testing.

IQ Light isn't an effective enough flashlight to be worth considering. Skip it and use one of the many flashlight apps on Android that actually work.

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