Review: Insta Photo Editor is full of ads, not features

Edit photos on your smartphone or tablet for free with Insta Photo Editor.

Insta Photo Editor will require plenty of patience. You have to sift through ads and tons of other junk to get to the goods this app offers. Once you find them, you'll probably be disappointed.

Before you use this app, you have to page through two different ad requests. These want to put ads on your browser, status bar, and more. You can only say no to one of them, and it keeps coming back every time you load the app if you do. As for the editing, itself, it's pretty standard. You can do some minor crops and resizes and throw filters on your photos. Sadly, you can't take pictures from inside the app; you can only edit photos you've already snapped. When you try to exit out of Insta Photo Editor, it takes you to a page with more apps from the creator.

You don't need to settle for an ad-infested app with a bad layout to edit your photos. Instead of trying to make your photos look good in this bad app, choose one of the other ad-free editors on Android. Your photos--and your smartphone--will thank you.

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