Review: Hide SMS, lock secret messages keeps plain texts a secret

Put your private text messages under lock and key with Hide SMS.

If you're trying to keep your texts a secret, Hide SMS can help. It's a stylish lockbox for all of your text messages. Sadly, it only works with plain texts. Apps, contacts, and even picture messages aren't included.

This app shows up as different names on the Google Play store and in your apps locker. You may see it referred to as Hide SMS, Keep SMS, or KeepSafe depending on how you're looking at it. Once you load it, you have to set a four-digit password to get inside. You can lock any conversation in your text inbox with a few taps, but picture messages from that contact will still linger. The app lets you send texts and actually looks more stylish than Android's built-in texting app. If you want to unlock your texts from the app, it takes a very long time, though. Even though the app is good at hiding texts, it's not very good at hiding itself. It clearly shows up in your apps locker, which could raise suspicion.

Though the app looks great, it misses big time by not hiding photo messages. Hide SMS has a long way to go before it beats other locker apps for functionality and usefulness.

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