Review: Funny Photo Effects brings cardboard photo cutouts to your device

Put your face on a silly body for laughs with Funny Photo Effects.

Funny Photo Effects offers to put your face on all sorts of goofy characters. Sadly, it seems way more interested in hitting your phone or tablet with ads than helping you laugh.

Funny Photo Effects is supposed to find your face in the photo you submit and paste it on the cutout you want. However, the facial recognition sometimes takes forever to complete. More often than not, it will tell you your photo won't work and won't even bother to try to find a face. What's worse than the app's shaky performance is the infiltration of ads. This app tries to install ads on all parts of your phone, including your browser and status bar. You can opt out of those, but you can't opt out of the nasty ads that pop up randomly while you're trying to create your photo. You'll also notice lots of misspellings and typos all over the app that are distracting.

If the app worked more often, it might be worth stomaching all of the ads. Since its performance is almost as bad, there's no real reason to download it. Skip Funny Photo Effects and use something else to have fun with your photos.

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