Review: Eye Color Changer makes eyes look cartoony

Change the color of your eyes on photos with this Eye Color Changer app.

Eye Color Changer goes so much further than red eye removal to make your eyes look any color in the rainbow. Eye Color Changer's effect looks a little cartoony and bizarre at times, but that's probably the effect most people are going for.

This app's menu could use some major editing, itself--it's quite the eyesore. It houses eight buttons, but only two of them actually go to features in the app you really want to use. The rest beg you to rate the app and download more of the developer's apps. If you can find the right buttons in this mess of a menu, the app lets you choose photos from your gallery or take a new photo to edit. To change colors in Eye Color Changer you have to point the app to both eyes you want to change--it doesn't auto-detect the eyes. It doesn't let you change each eye's color individually or change just the pupils, either.

The app's color-selection tool often makes it tough to have your eyes look anything other than cartoony. If that's the look you want, then this app delivers it without much effort. However, if you just want your baby blues to turn to gorgeous greens, you've got a lot of work ahead of you. So if you're just having fun, this app might appeal to you, but if you're looking for a serious photo editing tool, skip Eye Color Changer.

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