Review: Expense Manager puts users in charge of cash flow

Control your income and payments using Expense Manager.

Expense Manager takes a lot of the effort out of budgeting so you can focus on other things. It's a stylish app that lets you clearly figure out where exactly your money is going. The only way it could be better is if it actually helped you make more.

Expense Manager does most of its work from a menu that fits right in with stock Android. It looks like Google, itself, designed it. The app lets you color-code your spending and view it in several different ways. There are a few preset spending options, but there's also an expandable menu that lets you assign dozens of new spending categories. Even though you can input plenty of different types of expenses, there's no way to input revenue. That requires a $3 upgrade. You can change most of the app's presentation options from the settings menu, and there's even an option to export your spending into a CSV file. Sharing your expenses from this app only takes a few taps.

Expense Manager does so much right that it's tough to find any faults. If you're managing spending for a business, this app is a useful tool. It's probably even worth the $3 upgrade to make it the most complete budgeting app on the Google Play store.

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