Review: Easy Touch (iPhone style) super charges home screens

Add an iPhone-esque launch button to all of your home screens with Easy Touch (iPhone style).

Easy Touch (iPhone style) adds a super-powered menu button to all of your home screens and even to most of your apps. If you're stuck on Android 2.3 or earlier, Easy Touch (iPhone style) is a solid launcher that taps into some of your phone's hidden powers. However, if you're on Ice Cream Sandwich or later, the app will just get in your way.

Once you go through this app's lengthy tutorial, it sticks a 1X1 button widget on each of your phone's home screens. The button appears in most apps, too. You can move it to anywhere on the edge of your phone's screen, but it always sticks to the sides. You can't make it appear in different places based on what screen you're on, either. Touching the button gives you Easy Touch's 3X3 menu of apps and utilities. You can change what appears in it, but the default--with keys for settings, home, apps, and most other things you need one-touch access for--is a good start. Sadly, to get access to some of the features--like your phone's lock screen--you need to give Easy Touch (iPhone style) admin access or be rooted.

For something that essentially just repackages the default options in Android 4.0 or later, Easy Touch (iPhone style) could be worse. If you don't have access to the advanced launching features in later versions of Android, you might appreciate this stylish, easy-to-use launcher. Most people will want more features and a less invasive layout, though. Even though you can make the ever-present button go away, it's still an annoyingly weird design choice that limits the app's appeal.

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