Review: Carbon for Twitter enhances your social media experience

Share, connect, and view your Twitter feed with stylish, thin app, Carbon for Twitter.

Now that Twitter is no longer blocking third-party apps, it's time to love your Twitter feed again, thanks to Carbon for Twitter. Carbon for Twitter adds all sorts of speed and style to your Twitter profile. It doesn't even sacrifice any of the features you love, in order to do it.

This app lets you view your Twitter profile, so you need to log in to Twitter to use it. It gives your Twitter a darker layout, which is so much easier on the eyes and on your gadget's battery. Carbon for Twitter seems to load new Tweets faster than Twitter's own app, too. The app is much more focused on reading tweets than sending them--so the tools you'll usually use on Twitter to do that can be hard to find. However, it's easy to see tweets, lists, favorites, and other things with just one or two taps.

This app isn't just a pleasure to look at; it's also a pleasure to use. Carbon for Twitter outclasses the stock Twitter app in almost too many ways to name. It takes a little while to get used to the app's layout and features, but you probably won't go back to any other Twitter viewer once you do.

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