Review: Bubble Worlds is a mediocre physics game at best

Just pop it with bubble-shooting game, Bubble Worlds.

Brickbreaker-esque game Bubble Worlds will keep you busy through hundreds of levels, even though they all feel the same. Bubble Worlds is polished enough to win a few fans, but the difficultly level goes from zero to 60 too quickly. It's enough to turn a lot of gamers off.

In this game, you shoot bubbles to try to free trapped bananas. When you match three or more bubbles of the same color, they pop and send any connected bubbles flying. It sounds bizarre, but it's actually easy to figure out. You'll be able to breeze through most of the levels without missing a beat. However, once the game takes a turn in difficultly, it becomes almost impossible. The physics combos are so challenging that you'll need several tries just to get through one level. It doesn't help that the power-ups are ridiculously expensive in terms of in-game currency. If the challenge doesn't keep you playing, Bubble Worlds's beautiful environment probably will, though. The landscapes in the game really are a sight to see. The music deserves serious applause, too.

Though the game's graphics and music are a lot of fun, the game loses its appeal once it becomes too tough to beat. Bubble Worlds isn't a bad game; it's just not enjoyable enough to play through long marathon sessions. Some people are sure to disagree, but this game doesn't have enough going for it to make it a mainstay when it comes to physics games.

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