Review: B-Folders Secure Organizer encrypts your personal data

Manage log-in information, credit card numbers, passwords, and more on your Android device with B-Folders Secure Organizer.

B-Folders Secure Organizer can remember dozens of passwords, banking details, and more. B-Folders Secure Organizer goes above and beyond the call of duty by adding some neat bonus features and powerful encryption, too.

It's hard to decide whether the app's plain menu is a curse or a blessing. On the one hand, it makes the app quick and light. On the other, it's an eyesore and small buttons could lead to a few accidental taps. Luckily, there are no ads or other traps to click on. The app boasts some neat features, including the ability to take notes and jot down ideas. It's not as advanced as a note-taking app, but it's a nice add-on. As you'd probably expect with a password app, it encrypts your passwords to boost security. To take your security options a step further, B-Folders Secure Organizer can even generate a really random, powerful password for you. Not only does this app generate passwords if you need them, it lets you convert your passwords from LastPass or other password managers. That's a welcome addition if you're switching from a desktop app.

Though there are plenty of awesome password apps on Android, this one makes a convincing case for itself. B-Folders Secure Organizer is one of the best places to save your passwords on your smartphone or tablet. If you're constantly logging in from your mobile gadget, then check this app out.

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