Review: Math: Fractions Addition & Subtraction Free is a fun learning tool

Complete fraction-based math problems in this engaging game interface.

Math Fractions: Addition & Subtraction is a commendable math-training app on the iPad, because it is colorful and well designed, easy to use, and it provides immediate positive feedback whenever a math problem is completed successfully.

Combining a number of popular gaming conventions, Math Fractions creates an inclusive experience designed to engage children as they learn their fractions. The game starts by asking them to choose an avatar, name that avatar, and even choose clothing for the avatar. The interface takes place inside the avatar's bedroom, and while the menus are often hard to find, it all looks polished. The games are all fraction-based, providing multiple-choice questions for fraction problems in different themes. Only one game is included for free, but it works well, with high score and awards opportunities.

While quite a bit of content remains locked, pending an in-app purchase, Math Fractions is a well-made app experience that helps students learn fractions, engage with an in-game world that is compelling, and even compete against their own high scores as they complete new problems and play the games included in-app. It's one of the better math training tools at this level on the App Store.

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