Review: Math Tool - Fraction Calculator makes computing complex problems easy

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions with ease.

Fractions have always been a problem for calculators. Before conversion to a decimal, a fraction is hard to enter into most calculators--even those with functions or keys intended to support doing it. Converting back from a decimal to a fraction is even more troublesome. So Math Tool - Fraction Calculator is a very useful tool for anyone currently studying fractions or using them on a daily basis on the job.

Math Tool - Fraction Calculator is exactly as it sounds - a simple calculator tool built into a calculator interface. Everything looks normal except for the addition of a small button near the enter key. Just tap one number, then the fraction button, and another number, and the calculator creates a fraction on screen. You can then subtract, add, multiply, or divide other numbers or fractions to that fraction. The results are then displayed as fractions and decimals. It's fast, easy, and very intuitive, and it's very effective when trying to perform complex calculations on fractions.

If you are looking for a math tool that allows you to easily add, subtract, divide, or multiply fractions without any additional steps, download Math Tool - Fraction Calculator. By implementing a very useful fraction function button, the calculator makes itself invaluable to anyone that does frequent calculations with fractions, either in school or as part of your job.

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