Review: Math 'n Me makes practicing arithmetic a snap

Practice math problems with easy-to-use flashcards and practice quizzes.

Math 'n Me, while not a very attractive app, is loaded with practice quizzes and exercises, making it a perfect fit for children studying early math concepts.

Math 'n Me has quite a few features, all of them free and easy to use for any age user. The major issue with this app is the rudimentary, often frustrating, and sometimes slow interface. Stuttering at times, unresponsive at others, and very basic in terms of presentation, it lacks the flair of many other modern, sleek-looking apps. For this reason many people will likely overlook Math 'n Me, an app that has dozens of options for studying basic math such as subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. With test options, practice problems, and the ability to specify not only the types of problems but also the specific numbers to study, Math 'n Me is a well constructed math tutor.

If you are looking for a raw educational app that will help your child improve their math scores in school, Math 'n Me is a good place to start. It has some barriers to entry, but is well worth the download once your child starts using it.

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