Review: Math for Kids makes learning arithmetic fun

Learn basic math concepts in a visually attractive app.

Math for Kids is the newest in a line of educational apps that have been flooding the App Store in recent years--apps designed to help children learn basic math concepts in visually attractive or game-based ways. This particular app focuses mostly on the math functions, themselves, but it does so in a way that is both attractive and easy to use, a good fit for many young children.

The style of Math for Kids is the first thing you will notice. This is a well-conceived and designed app, using hand drawn graphics and playful fonts that are fun to look at. There are two menus--one for solving problems (labeled Play!) and the other for learning math concepts. The practice problems are broken down by number (1-4) and function (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). It actively tracks your progress as you solve problems and the difficulty seems well matched to the skill levels described. There is a lack of learning functions included in the app, however, and the polish of the app could wear off quickly as students realize it is only a practice exam for basic math functions.

All that said, Math for Kids does a good job of packaging some very important problems and concepts into an attractive, easy-to-use app that many kids will enjoy using. The app is free and there are no ads save for the "ICK" label at the bottom of every page, making it a good download for anyone seeking a math training tool for early elementary-age children.

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