Review: Index Card Magic keeps you organized

Create index cards and organize them in any format for easy access.

The genius of the Index Card Magic app from Evergreen Ruby LLC is that it is open ended. The format and layout of this app is perfect for creating to-do lists, flash cards, or project boards on which you can visualize data fairly easily.

The basic interface for Index Card Magic is fairly rudimentary and will take some time for students to get used to. You must create categories and then projects to fit into those categories before creating index cards to populate the project. The process takes some time to get used to, but once done, you can create endless index cards that are then organized according to your preferences. Better yet, you can export your index cards as outlines, task lists, scripts, or even an iBook document, allowing you to share and interact with the content whatever way works best for you. Combined with color-coding of index cards, priority tagging, and due date assignments, this is a very in-depth app with features to match almost any possible use.

Index Card Magic may not have the most user-friendly interface at first and the price is high for a student-focused app, but it is exceptionally well made and works well in almost any content-organization system--whether studying for a test or writing an outline for an essay. It's a great app that anyone who needs help organizing information will benefit from.

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