Review: Heads Vs Tails takes the coin-flipping game to new heights

Taking heads and tails coin-flipping to an entirely new level.

Heads vs. Tails manages to take the least skill-based competition on the planet and create a compelling and engaging game out of it--albeit one that will not entertain for too long.

When you first open Heads vs. Tails, the options are limited. The higher-level "game" components remain locked until you've flipped the coin at least 20 times. However, that takes all of a minute to do and in the process you'll see why such a basic concept is so compelling. While no computer program can ever be truly random, Heads vs. Tails manages to imitate randomness fairly well and the result is an engaging, well-designed game interface. With tilting, tapping, and other themes, plus over a dozen achievements and statistics to show how your coins have flipped over time, Heads vs. Tails goes above and beyond what you'd expect from such a rudimentary concept.

The basic idea of Heads vs. Tails is age-old, but the execution in this App is very impressive, providing dozens of ways to flip your coins, track your progress, and even influence the final flip. If you've ever found yourself flipping a coin to see how many of one side in a row you can get, or if you simply want to have a say over what comes out, check out this game.

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